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My son is a rising Freshman and started training at CTFL with Paul eight months ago. He began
as part of a semi-private group that wanted to stay fit in between fall and spring sports. My son
loved it and has trained with Paul ever since. He has not only become stronger, but he is more
confident and makes healthier choices. I know that he is training in a safe environment with a
professional who also teaches the kids proper form and how important that is. I highly
recommend CTFL if you are looking for a program for your son or daughter.
Gretchen W. - Wilton, CT

To whom it may concern,
My child has been training with Paul for quite some time now, I originally picked Fitness lab because I wanted a place Nico would learn how to train safely and properly. I needed my son to be under the supervision of a trained professional and that is what Paul is. It amazes me how far Nico has come, and how much he enjoys his sessions with Paul. I strongly recommend Paul for training especially with teens.
Alex M. - Wilton, CT

Our son August began working out with Paul at CT Fitness Lab over 6 months ago to get in shape and train for football.  He quickly fell in love with the people and the place.  He started by going twice a week and gradually went up from there.  Not only is he in the best shape of his life, he is now competitively lifting with Paul’s Big Pull Barbell Club.  Paul is an excellent trainer, coach and mentor offering advice on how to train safely at any age in addition to the importance of good nutrition and being a good person.  We can’t say enough good things about Paul and the CT Fitness Lab.

Al F. - Wilton, CT

     Our son, Mark (a rising freshman lacrosse goalie and football player), began training at CT Fitness Lab about eight months ago with a focus on improving strength and coordination.  After an initial fitness test, Paul crafted a workout series specific to Mark’s needs.  We saw significant improvement during his spring and summer lacrosse seasons, not just in his strength, speed, and reaction time, but also his confidence and mindset.  Mark has continued to work with Paul as he prepares for high school sports. As a parent of a teen athlete, we have been very impressed with Paul’s focus on correct form, ability to digest goals, and implement programs to achieve those goals.

Mike W. - Wilton, CT 

"Paul is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I know, especially with Olympic weight lifting, local high schools should have him do an in-service for their coaches, he runs a fantastic, hands on, seminar!

I highly recommend CT Fitness Lab!!!"

     - Coach Kevin G.

"Working with Paul has been great for me in so many different ways. I have always enjoyed a variety of sports and training methods, but nothing has compared to Olympic Weightlifting. With this sport I have been able to stay injury free, build confidence, and gain strength in ways I have not with other methods of training. I work with Paul 3 days a week and he is a great coach, he is very supportive and encouraging, as well as knowledgeable about the sport. He has helped me grow as an athlete and confidently go in to my first competition and perform well. The sport has helped me in so many ways giving me more energy, gaining strength, and building self confidence, I would absolutely recommend it to others and a fun way to reach your fitness goals and gain strength."

Stephanie A.

Our Gratitude Reflects Yours

"Several years ago I joined Paul Landi's lunchtime fitness class just to get a little break in my workday. I eventually found I needed more than just a half hour crammed between conference calls, so I migrated to the after-work class. Over time we worked more and more with weight training and power lifting and I found I was loving it. I was introduced to the Olympic lifts and I was immediately hooked. It wasn't typically part of the program, but the great thing about this team is how they gear the work to the clients' needs and interests, so I was able to get some Oly lifting in along with the regular program.


I had a bit of a setback with a hamstring injury and some chronic knee problems, so I found myself on the other side of the house in physical therapy. But I never dropped my workouts and once again the team was fantastic in providing me with the right kind of program by coordinating with my therapist during an active recovery.


Meanwhile, my orthopedic surgeon recommended that I never deadlift or squat again. To me those were fighting words.


Although I still love the group classes, I signed up for semi-private sessions with Paul, which allows me to really focus directly on my goals. We built back up to the Olympic lifts, working steadily on technique and taking care to prevent re-injury. I've never thought of myself as an athlete, or ever had any intention to compete. But working with Paul, my strength and confidence have grown, I feel like part of a great - and fun - community and I'm proud to show off my accomplishments. Paul is a first-rate coach; he knows when and how far to push each client. With his encouragement and support, I was convinced to compete in my first weightlifting meet, where I performed six out of six successful lifts. I could hardly believe it when he informed me I hold the State record for my age and weight class!!


Without Paul's coaching, I can't imagine how I could have come this far and it is without hesitation I give him my highest recommendation."

Jane B.

For over 10 years Paul has been my personal strength and conditioning coach.  At 52 I'm healthier and stronger than I ever was in my 20's and 30's.  During my battle with cancer Paul created programming perfectly suited to my ever changing needs.  His care and my base level of fitness were key to my survival in the darkest times.  This base level of fitness, thanks to Paul (CT Fitness Lab) is what I'm counting on to help me continue downhill skiing, road cycling, long distance running, weightlifting, and living well into my "golden years".

C. Reiss

Congratulations.  Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent training in keeping me in great physical shape.  I had full knee replacement in May and the drs and therapists at rehab were very impressed at my ability to make such a quick recovery.  In less than two weeks I was off the walker, cane and doing great.  They attributed it to my being in shape before surgery.  I certainly recommend any one facing joint replacement to get in shape before hand and follow it up with training after.  I'll be back!!!

Lee K.

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