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Paul Landi



FMS Lv 1 Certified / Etcheberry Tennis Certified

For 20 years Paul has been involved with providing the best and most versatile strength care in Fairfield county.  

In 2001, as a physical therapy aide at Moore Physical Therapy, Paul simultaneously pursued a degree in Exercise Science.  Upon his graduation in 2006, Moore PT provided Paul the platform to offer exceptional post therapy strength and conditioning.  This program quickly grew to become a mainstay in Moore PT's superior healthcare services portfolio.  This model was comprised of best in class pre and post operative/trauma care in conjunction with Paul's customized fitness programs.

Today, several years of training , certifications and experience later.  Paul continues to utilize his aide experience and physical therapy principles to guide highly personalized, creative and SAFE program design.  This PT based mindset is manifested in Paul's excellence at helping clients both before and after joint replacements, people with significant health issues, as well as the geriatric population.  Paul's personal experience as a caregiver for his wife during her cancer treatment has lead him to gain a specific certification to help cancer survivors improve their strength, balance, and confidence after treatment.

Perhaps Paul's greatest gift as a fitness professional is his personal passion for all things athletic.  Paul played 4 years as a Semi-Pro Running Back for the CT Giants and is now a seasoned Olympic Weightlifter.  He has utilized his versatile activity level to compete in Football, Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strongman, Triathlon, Duathlon, and Spartan Races.  Paul is an avid outdoors enthusiast.  He is always happy to walk, run, hike, camp, ski, snowshoe, road or mountain bike, stand up paddle board (SUP), or kayak.

"No one single fitness formula will work for everyone.  Fitness is organic and fluid.  Your body, mind, and fitness programs need to be open to change and able to adapt to ever changing life circumstances."

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