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CT Fitness Lab Method

Our Method

Your Personal Fitness Formula

We want you to have the best possible fitness experience whether it's one-on-one with our pros, semi-private sessions, or in a group atmosphere.  Your experience at The Lab will be customized to suit your individual needs.

Fitness, a.k.a. "good health", is achieved using our unique formulas formatted to your personal needs.  Several common ingredients are found in our formulas, but quantity and combination of ingredients is different for all.  Typical insurance companies and doctors will usually only emphasize a simple formula to measure health - B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) - a simple calculation of height x body weight.

At the Lab we believe everyone's road to fitness is paved by using personalized formulas unique to the individual, and also that fitness can be better assessed by utilizing our own 3 pillars formula.

  1. Vital measurements, i.e.(Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose levels, etc..)

  2. Joint Mobility, i.e. (ability to sit, lunge, balance, arm range of motion, etc..)

  3. Muscular strength, i.e. (ability to press, deadlift, squat, etc...)

We consider these foundational pillars along with your injury history and both short and long term goals to create the ideal personalized and most effective formula to improve your health.

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