Big Pull Barbell

Power + Speed + Flexibility = Amazing

Olympic Weightlifting is an amazing sport incorporating speed, strength, flexibility and courage!

Through this sport an athlete will improve not just physical traits, but they will also gain a more positive self-image, a strong mental focus, and an iron clad belief that they are capable of anything!

Unlike other sports, there are no cuts, there’s no bench to ride, you don’t even have to worry about the other “competitors”.  It’s just you and the barbell, and you have full control of how well you do!

If any athlete would like to compete in a USAW Sanctioned meet, they will need to register with USAW as a member. (Youth 13-17 / Junior 15-20 / Senior >15 / Masters >35).  We will prepare as a team, warm-up as a team, and help support each other on the platform.  Learn more at

There are competitions throughout CT all year long.  Any and all sanctioned CT meets are eligible for State Records, and National event qualification where you can then qualify for Worlds in your respective age category.  (We had 2 athletes compete in Utah at the Master’s Nationals in 2019, one of which medaled in her age group!)

If you are interested in joining please email

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