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Return to Sport

The road to recovery is long and winding.  Returning from an injury of any kind is full of progress and setbacks.  At CTFL we have over 20 years of experience in helping people navigate this path to the best outcome possible.

When Physical Therapy ends, we provide the continuation of care required to reach your full potential and minimize risk of reinjury!

Return to Sport Test Chart_edited.jpg
Return to Sport Test Chart_edited.jpg

Evidence based Testing and Programs

Utilizing repeatable objective and subjective testing to create a well rounded program is paramount in the efficacy of the process. 

Arbitrary timelines are a baseline to build off of in a case by case basis.

Let us help you find the best formula for your success.


It is our intention to help every person return to the activities and ability levels they desire after suffering a debilitating injury.

Confidence | Strength | Mobility | Agility

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