Teen Fitness Class

Today's Teens have a very polarized view of fitness.  They are either ALL IN, year round student athletes, or the word active is only used to reference if they were on social media recently.

Here at CT Fitness Lab, we understand both sides of the coin.  We have developed a program that will give the aspiring College Athlete a great foundation to build on as they mature.  It will also be an amazing way to get the more sedentary youths off of their monitors.

We strive to offer well balanced programming.  We always prioritize movement quality, and proper mechanics before increasing loads.  Teens physically and mentally mature at much different paces, and we make a point to take that into account as we help them progress.

As the participant progresses in the program their increase in strength, confidence, self-esteem, motivation and focus will be invaluable as they grow as a person.

We have always striven to maintain a healthy balance of nurturing, motivating, and tough love when necessary.  Improving your health and fitness can be discouraging since consistency is the key to success, and we make every effort to help our clients find their formula for success!