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No time to come into the gym? 

Want to be able to travel with your program?

We have a variety of Mobile programs using our mobile app to help you track progress and stay accountable!

Find your formula below!


Lifting Barbells

This is a Dumbbell only program designed to build upper and lower body strength with very little equipment needs.

If you have a couple dumbbells lying around the house, you can get great work in to improve your strength and conditioning!

We don't all have time to go to a gym or the budget for a bunch of equipment. This program easily solves those problems.

Are you tired of going on the treadmill or bike? Are you tired of doing the same old home workouts?

Our home programs are dynamic, versatile, and as challenging as you want them to be.

This is a home based strength and conditioning program designed to help anyone stay active and healthy without needing to physically go to a gym.

Minimal equipment necessary.

Follow along videos attached!

CT Fitness black-01.jpg
Intense Workout

This 2 session per week strength program is designed to get even the most sedentary person off on the right foot.

Utilizing simple movement patterns, paired with various stimulus types, we are able to generate good strength gains without overtaxing the body.

We want our newer users to be able to stay consistent. If we generate too much soreness too quickly, that causes a negative outlook towards fitness and is counterproductive.

This program should be done in a commercial gym setting but can easily be recreated at home by exchanging Dumbbells or kettle-bells for any Hex Bar work.

Patience and persistence can help you reach any goal no matter where your journey begins.

Stay focused and stay positive!


More to Come Soon

3 day per week Power and Agility Development program.

Utilizes progressively difficult patterns to elicit the best response from your abilities.

The goal is to development symmetrical leg function with every pattern.


Not only will this improve your athleticism but it will significantly reduce your risk of a non-traumatic injury.

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